Bario Sarawak

November 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

Bario is a Malaysian village located in the centre of the Kelabit Highlands in the north east of Sarawak, very close to the international border with Indonesian Kalimantan, and 3280 feet above sea level. It is the main settlement in the Kelabit Highlands. There are regular flights between Bario Airport and Ba’kelalan. The Kelabit language is widely spoken, and many have also learned to speak English and Malay.

The community’s main economic activity is agriculture, mainly growing Bario rice. The cool climate at the average 20 C enables the residents to cultivate citrus fruits besides rice. Besides, Bario is famous for its high-potash Bario-made salt and the refreshing, juicy Bario pineapple.

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