ASM Photo Contest: Firdaus Herrow

May 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

The artwork of Firdaus Herrow “light painting (luminous trail series)” won a first prize in ASM photo contest that organize by Akademi Sains Malaysia and sponsor by Canon.

Luminous Trail

Rationale for this artwork:  

“Light is a visible to human eye. Light can be anywhere and it is important to humankind. But have you imagine when the world without a light? Light is a main source in our life, not only to bright our day but it also works as a main power to our modern technology such as solar system. Light can be in form of science that useful to the technology that been provided. But, light also can be in form of art which light has its own beauty when we create it in systematically or randomly. It can be a part of artistic value to fulfill our sight of seeing. Light can be representing as a symbol to modernism as what have been achieving by our country. It can be tell by the color, stroke and composition to represent as modernism. In this new modern technology such as science and engineering, it helps a lot in art aspect which is utilized modern technology by creating an artistic desire. Light is one of the medium that able to connect between science field and art field to become one phenomenon that can be experience by society.”

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